Monday, September 10, 2007


This summer, we had a lot of fun. These guys couldn't wait to go fishing when we went to Maine. Maine now means John G.'s parents house. Maine and their house are synonymous, in fact, for these guys. It is kind of funny because I used do the very same thing. When I was young, Maine meant my grandfathers house in Maine. If we were going to Maine, that is where we went. They just loved our week there. I really do think we had the best week, of the whole summer with respect to the weather. We had so much fun, swimming and swimming, and swimming!!! We also did a lot of other fun things such as sailing, tubing, mini-golf, and fishing. Fishing was a HUGE thing for the boys. They all had their rocket fishing rods (all three of them!) John and Matt started a competition to see who would catch the first fish. Matt won. J.D. did, however eventually catch a fish. Each time Matt caught one, he would be all done fishing for the day. It seemed like no big deal. J.D. however, was psyched to catch his first fish. It's a rather dismal day today, and oh how I wish we were in Maine. Yes, Maine meaning John G's parents' house.

Matt with his first fish.

Matt with his second fish and a much bigger one!

John with his first fish, a small mouth bass!

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Mary said...

That's a cool picture of the fish!