Tuesday, September 25, 2007


John was having a heart to heart conversation with my husband yesterday regarding history. At 7, he is very passionate about history. He soaks it all in like a sponge. He's always asking me questions to which he knows the answers, but I do not. History, by no means, was my strong point. Right now he is particularly interested in any fact pertaining to the Civil War. During the summer he became a big fan of the show, "If walls could talk" because of the historical elements which they covered.

Getting back to yesterday's conversation with his dad..... he couldn't believe that no other kids in his class were interested in history. He said how just didn't understand why no one wanted to talk about history with him. What do you tell a kid like this? My husband just explained that not all kids like every subject and some kids may get more interested when they are a little older. Meanwhile, I am having dreadful flashbacks of 9th grade civics. Scary!!!


Mary said...

It was so funny how excited he was over his new books today! Wish I liked to read like that.

Zoe said...

OHHHH NOOOOO. This could quickly turn into an obsession with the History Channel. Quick get rid of your cable.