Friday, September 14, 2007

Cousins or Friends?....... Both

Well yesterday we had lunch at Lisa's. The kids quickly (or not so quickly) ate their lunch. Then Lisa and I had some good conversation while Charlie, Matt, and, Abby played outside. All was good until it was time for us to go. Matt declined Lisa's invitation to stay and play for the afternoon. I think he was eagerly awaiting his brother John's dismissal from school. Matt can't wait to see John every afternoon. Of course he loves playing with Abby and Charlie, but he waits all day to be able to see his brother. Well Charlie and Abby weren't too happy about this. They love playing with Matt Kelly, as they call him. Yesterday when Matt said that he just wanted to go home and see his brother, Charlie said "Matt you don't always have to play with John. You can play with us too!" Then Abby was saying, "Please stay and play with us." Before you I knew it everyone was crying all because Matt was leaving. Charlie and Abby were crying, because they wanted him to stay. Matt was crying, because he didn't think they like him anymore for leaving them. Oh it was quite a scene. I wish I could have captured the image of the Codners with their arms folded and their mad faces. It was hysterical. They just love him because he is their cousin and their friend. He loves them too!


Mary said...

Abby already looks so much older than that pic! Wow, time is flying!!

Anonymous said...

As crazy as things may seem some days I just want to put on the brakes!!!!