Sunday, September 23, 2007

It was a beautiful day...

except the fact that I ran at a snail's pace for the 10K. I was so bummed, because I was actually doing fairly well with respect to running prior to the last couple of weeks. I guess I'll just chalk it up to a few minor setbacks. My husband dashed in the first mile, and I never saw him again until the end. Kind of nervy, eh? lol We'll just say I did this on purpose to give him a major confidence boost (fell behind, that it is). Oh I hope he doesn't read this! I have two weeks to get back into my groove, as I have another special 10K on October 8th. Next week I am also running in one, but I am going to consider that a training run because I think its too soon to make a good time. Who knows? Maybe I will surprise myself.

The highlight of the morning was the childrens' "Fun Run" which preceded the 10K. My boys had a blast. Matt my youngest decided yesterday he was definitely running. Without a doubt, he said he was winning. John, my oldest son wanted no part in the run until last night. He decided he would run. This morning, Matt was all bent out of shape. He told John it just wasn't fair, because he decided to run first, and therefore he was going to win. I explained to them that they could both run and win, as they were competing against there own respective ages.

Well they both ran. Neither one won, although if you ask them how they did, they would say GREAT! They both cheered each other on and in their little hearts I think they really thought they won. Hey, they were both winners for me. I was so proud of them.

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Zoe said...

Funny how one minute they hate each other and the next they are each others biggest cheerleaders. My boys do that too. A 10 K? You go girl!