Thursday, November 22, 2007

Tagged again....

Allison tagged me with yet another meme. It has a bit of a Thanksgiving twist. So in keeping with the Thanksgiving theme, I'll go with it. It's as simple as listing 7 thanks you're thankful for.

Here goes....

1. My husband. He is the best except when he knows we are going Christmas shopping for the boys tomorrow, but has the new Bass Pro Shop as the first store he wants to hit in the early morning hours. I don't thing that stop is for the kids!

2. My boys. They make me who I am today..... a mother! I love them!

3. My family.

4. God

5. To live in America, my freedom and the men and woman who fight for this every day!

6. My health. I am so lucky for this.

7. The fact that my parents have my little cherubs tonight and John is off. Yeah!!!

I know there is so much more for which I am thankful but these are the big ones. Hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving!

I am tagging.... Mary, Lisa, Beth, Zoe, Kim, Denise, Leslie

Well having said I am thankful for #7, I should get off this computer!!!

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Zoe said...

darn taggers! lol...i'm up to 6 tags and i still haven't posted. i'm such a slacker.