Saturday, November 17, 2007

Church fair, plenty of junk, & Matt's invention

Today was an amazingly fun-packed day at the church fair. Woo hoo!! My guys were up and dressed by the crack this morning. They were jumping out of their socks with anticipation and excitement for the fair. Can you imagine? It's big happenings for them. They begged me to get ready quickly so that we would get there early. John even asked me to skip doing my hair. I assured him that it wouldn't be long for me to do my hair, barring no flat iron casualties! By 9:30 we were out the door, with baskets of treats galore to sell at the fair of the year!,

Yes we were out early, along with lots of other people too. My do these sort of things attract all kinds of people. It was very interesting to say the least. I helped my mom with her table, while the boys bought more junk from the white elephant table than you could imagine. All my organizing and purging at our house, over the last couple of weeks has been thwarted by this "new" junk. That's okay because in the next couple of weeks the junk will disappear with no explanation. Just like it does every year. It's fun while it lasts then it's time runs out. Mysteriously it all finds it's way to the trash. I won't tell, if you don't tell! All that matters is today and for the next few days, it's the best junk these guys could dream of. They're simply delighted by their new finds but the newness (or should I say oldness) will wear off rather quickly.

Following this almost all day event, John took John to his basketball game while Matt and I stayed home. Matt said he didn't feel well so we planned on taking a little nap (or I planned on it!) Matt had other plans. He is not and has never been, a napper. He sorted through his new stuff, examining it and lining it up, all the while coughing and sneezing. The poor guy is fighting his second round of the cold, cough thing. This afternoon he asked me for a band-aid. I said sure but asked him why he needed it. He explained it was for his nose. He wanted to wrap it around the end of this nose so it would stop dripping. Rather innovative.... what do you think? Imagine everyone with a cold, dawning band-aids over their nostrils!!!

Well the fun-filled day came to a close. All three men were in bed by 7:00. Hopefully the boys are so wiped that they will sleep all night. I will cross my fingers and pray. John is resting until he goes to work at midnight. I am lying on my couch and I couldn't be happier for that!


Mary said...

I stuff tissues in my nose some nights when I go to bed and the drip JUST WON'T STOP! I totally feel his pain!

Zoe said...

7??? soooo jealous.